A Letter from the Founder

Dear Readers,

We founded Shift Warrior with one goal in mind, to promote financial literacy and help people better understand modern financial strategies. We believe that true wealth is beyond money and aim to help others follow proven techniques that will guide them towards achieving financial freedom.

As an entrepreneur, registered financial consultant, and investor, I have spent the majority of my life working successfully inside of the financial industry. Then I was diagnosed with severe liver disease that resulted in liver cancer. My doctors only gave me six months to live, which became the turning point that motivated me to change my perspective and begin focusing exclusively on what truly mattered in life.

This discovery led me down a new path to collaborate with close friends who also work in the financial industry; we embarked on a journey to distill and assemble the most effective financial strategies used by America’s most private wealthy inner circles. We started by documenting our findings and organizing them into easy to follow video lessons to share online.

"Help people master the important financial decisions that will give them the ability to focus on the essential things in life."

We invite you to join us on our journey to help spread these helpful lessons to others. You can get started free of charge by watching our introductory videos to learn more about us and how you can be a part of this incredible movement.

Yours Truly,

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Paul H. Haarman

Founder of Shift Warrior

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