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The Paradigm Shift Experience Pt. 1

Visitor: The Paradigm Shift Experience Pt. 1 In this session you’ll discover that you have four different kinds of assets – and three of them have nothing to do with money. You’ll determine which kind of asset occupies most of your attention. And then you’ll be asked to make a choice that may change your entire perspective on how you prioritize from this point. There is a huge misperception in terms of how we view our wealth and where our assets lie. Takeaways: You have assets you may never have considered to be "assets" before There are 4 general asset catagories Your happiness and peace of mind are greatly dependent on how effectively you balance those 4 asset catagories Action Steps:… VIEW THIS LESSON

The Paradigm Shift Experience Pt. 2

Visitor: The Paradigm Shift Experience Pt. 2 In this session you’ll discover the impact that having a lack of balance can have on your happiness and peace of mind. What kind of imbalances have you identified in your life? For many, asking these questions and formulating your own answers can offer life changing ‘aha’ experiences. Takeaways: Money is important but it is only one of 4 asset categories Many people struggle to maintain happiness and peace of mind because they spend too much time focusing on one asset (money) at the expense of others (i.e., family) True Wealth is about distinguishing the difference between the important assets and the essential assets in your life and finding a… VIEW THIS LESSON

The Paradigm Shift Experience Pt. 3

Visitor: The Paradigm Shift Experience Pt. 3 Regardless of our level of monetary success, the fundamentals are what will determine how much control you have over your financial future. If you’ve seen some of the high profile bankruptcies among the rich and famous this will be abundantly clear. For those with more modest means, the fundamentals can have an even more dramatic impact if you put these principles to work for you instead of against you. Takeaways: The Penny Story illustrates that investing pays off enormous dividends over longer periods of time and most people give up too early because initial gains are incremental Time can be your ally or your enemy when it comes to investing A… VIEW THIS LESSON

The Paradigm Shift Experience Pt. 4

Visitor: The Paradigm Shift Experience Pt. 4 Most investors don't understand the importance of minimizing risk and have a mistaken idea of how long it takes to recover lost capital. After the last few stock market crashes, people have learned the hard way and can't afford to take a big hit again. Investing is like a doctor's oath to 'first, do no harm'. Takeaways: A single 50% loss requires a 100% return to recover from Mainstream financial strategies are more risky than most people realize You need to take responsibility for your financial future With the right tools, you can empower yourself and thrive in these fast-changing times Action Steps: Evaluate your current risk exposure relative… VIEW THIS LESSON

The Paradigm Shift Experience Pt. 5

Most Americans think having a mortgage is a bad thing because a house represents their single largest financial asset. Conversely it also represents the single largest debt service. Because most people are taught to believe that all debt is bad, they look to paying off their mortgages as fast as possible. In this module you'll learn that not all debt is bad. And in fact, a mortgage can be the single most powerful tool in one's financial toolbox. Take a look at this alternative strategy that can pay off your home as fast as possible while turning your mortgage into a wealth creation vehicle. Takeaways: Not all debt is bad: There is good debt and bad debt There is a safer, better, and faster… VIEW THIS LESSON

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Are You Ready to Become Our Guest? The Guest Level is next. It's totally Free and includes even more transformational life lessons. The Guest level is your introduction to the life-transforming knowledge inside Shift Warrior. Access is totally FREE and without any obligation whatsoever. You are welcome to explore the modules at your own pace and to take full advantage of what you learn. Once you register as a Guest Warrior, you will have access to a series of in depth modules that contain insights and 'aha' moments that form the foundation of the Shift Warrior experience. A Word to the Wise There is a very human temptation to devalue things that are free. And frankly, a lot of free… VIEW THIS LESSON

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